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30 January 2024

Luminus launches its first laser products

LED maker expands photonics portfolio with green and blue lasers
26 January 2024

KYOCERA SLD Laser demos high-speed underwater wireless optical communication and custom GaN laser capabilities

R&D process engineering manager presenting ‘Advances in InGaN Laser Diodes for Emerging Applications in the Visible Spectral Range’
25 January 2024

Phlux unveils Noiseless InGaAs APDs as first products

12x more sensitive IR sensors extend operating range of LiDAR, range-finders and optical fiber test equipment
24 January 2024

ams OSRAM showcasing high-performance LEDs, lasers, sensors and ICs at Photonics West

Demonstrations of real-life solutions co-created with customers in AR/VR, medical, wearables, logistics, robotics and automotive industries.
22 January 2024

Sivers Photonics receives $860,000 follow-up orders from US Fortune 100 customer

Design optimization and supply of 50,000 lasers for optical sensing follows 30,000-device shipment at end-Q2/2023
22 January 2024

VCSELence Torino inaugurated as VCSEL center of excellence in Italy

Characterization, modelling and design of VCSELs targeted at high-speed optical fiber data transmission links and optical sensing
19 January 2024

Nichia’s blue and green laser diodes receive Scientific and Technical Award from Academy of Motion Picture

Laser Diode Development Department engineers honored in ‘Technical Achievement Award’ category

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