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30 January 2024

JEDEC publishes guidelines for reverse-bias reliability evaluation of GaN power conversion devices

Suggested stress conditions and test parameters for evaluating TDB reliability of GaN power transistors

30 January 2024

Luminus launches its first laser products

LED maker expands photonics portfolio with green and blue lasers

30 January 2024

QPT gains a second GaN Systems co-founder as advisor

Former GaN Systems’ CEO Girvan Patterson joins former VP of business development Geoff Haynes

30 January 2024

Compound semiconductor substrate market growing at 17% CAGR to $3.3bn in 2029

Markets fueled by strong growth in power electronics and photonics

30 January 2024

Silvaco joins GaN Valley ecosystem

Victory TCAD simulation environment to aid GaN power device design

26 January 2024

Infineon and Anker open joint Innovation Application Center in Shenzhen

R&D hub for higher-power-density PD fast-charging solutions

25 January 2024

Navitas and SHINRY open joint R&D power lab

Lab to speed development of EV power systems using GaNFast technology

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25 January 2024
Carbon removal for boosting GaN electron mobility
Researchers report record maximum and room-temperature values and explore carbon impact on mobility.
25 January 2024

Infineon providing 1200V CoolSiC MOSFET devices for Sinexcel’s energy storage systems

Sinexcel’s energy storage converters achieve system efficiency of up to 98%

25 January 2024

Phlux unveils Noiseless InGaAs APDs as first products

12x more sensitive IR sensors extend operating range of LiDAR, range-finders and optical fiber test equipment

24 January 2024

Oxford Instruments supplies ALD system to UK micro-LED maker

System to deposit high-K dielectric ultra-thin films for high-density, very high-brightness, low-power and high-frame-rate RGB pixel arrays

23 January 2024

Porotech and Powerchip partner on mass producing 200mm GaN-on-Si micro-LEDs for displays

PoroGaN μLEDoS, Dynamic Pixel Tuning, GaN-on-Si technologies to be applied in PSMC’s front-end wafer foundry

News Features
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18 January 2024
UCSB reports first N-polar InAlGaN HEMT
Researchers demonstrate devices with very low 179Ω/square sheet resistance channel.
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11 January 2024
Virtual body concept for 650V GaN-on-silicon ICs
Technique suppresses dynamic on-resistance and substrate-induced cross-talk between transistors.
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5 January 2024
Lateral polarity structure GaN Schottky barrier diodes
Selective wet etching of N-polar material reduces reverse leakage through mesa sidewalls.
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28 December 2023
Dynamic performance of vertical GaN JFETs
First study shows no shift in RON or VTH, according to researchers.
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21 December 2023
Red InGaN micro-LEDs on freestanding substrates
Researchers claim the first reports for such devices below 5µm.
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14 December 2023
Laser-assisted separation for freestanding GaN
Reducing contact area between sapphire and GaN results in spontaneous release during cooling after growth.
Feature Downloads
28 December 2023

RF sputtering of gallium oxide on diamond
Researchers claim the first hetero-epitaxial growth of β-Ga2O3 thin films on single-crystal diamond (111) wafers using RF magnetron sputtering.

28 December 2023

Status of the IP competition for vertical gallium nitride power devices
China has taken over leadership from Japan in vertical GaN inventive activity, notes KnowMade.

28 December 2023

Extracting efficiency contributions for sub-10μm LEDs
Opposing trends in LEE and IQE affect the optimum size for maximum EQE.

28 December 2023

Determining droop in green InGaN LEDs
Researchers in the USA find an imbalance between radiative recombination and intrinsic Auger–Meitner recombination in green indium gallium nitride LEDs.

28 December 2023

Fully in-situ roughening for ultrathin III–V solar cells
Increased light trapping boosts short-circuit current by 5%.

28 December 2023

First droplet epitaxy of InAs quantum dots on InGaAsP quaternary alloy
Light emission spans the low-loss C-band as well as other important telecom optical-fiber wavelengths.

6 November 2023

Germanium–tin MQW LEDs on 12-inch silicon substrate
Researchers claim the largest-diameter wafer so far opens way to mass production.

6 November 2023

Recessing metal contacts for gallium nitride transistors
Researchers in Sweden have achieved low ohmic contact resistance together with low annealing temperature.

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